Open House for Vacancies

Hi everyone,

Due to the impact and resultant homelessness of so many of us, I have been deluged with requests to rent my upcoming vacancies.  To make the process easier for you and to help you by not charging any application fees, here’s what I’d like to ask you to do:

  1.  Pull up your current credit:  You can do this for FREE at  Bring a copy when you come look at the home(s).
  2. Fill out the application you can download from this website (  Fill out completely and neatly and bring this as well.  If you do not have a printer, you can go to the local library to print these out.
  3. If you want just a six month lease, there is a $100/mo up charge as changeovers are so expensive.
  4. Pet fees:  $250 for the first dog, $200 each for up to two more.  One cat only $150:  additional cats $100.  MAX three pets and NO pitts (see complete pet policy for details on our pet policy)
  5. Call or text me at Nine-One-Oh-3-Four-zero-twenty eight -oh-seven to schedule a time to come see it.

I am so sorry that you have to deal with all of this.  Hopefully my development will work out for you!  Kit Parks